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Our 5 Favorite Video Picks of 2018 and 5 we missed

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HFPA Winner of Filmmaker Residency 2019

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Disney ABC Directing Program 2018 - 2020
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TIFF 2018 Filmmaker Lab Announcement


"Groundhog Day for a Black Man"
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Variety (Fest Winner)
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Broadway World

Why You Should Know Who 
Comedian Cynthia Kao Is

"M'Oreal Maximum Extend
Armpit Mascara"

"Birth Control Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder"

"If A Robbery Report Was Treated Like a Rape Report"

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"If Sitcoms Were Written By Feminists"

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Women You Should Know


"The Ally"


"Men Can Do Better" PSA

"Relationship Status"


Huffington Post


"By using the robbery of a laptop as an euphemism for assault, the video brilliantly skewers the ways in which the police — and society — so often let down survivors, and shows how the same treatment would seem utterly ridiculous if applied to any other crime."



- on, "If A Robbery Report Was Treated Like A Rape Report"


"Kao's video intimates that women would shoot down or at least try to shoot down a lot of the sexist crap that finds its way into television scripts."


- on, "If Sitcoms Were Written By Feminists"